Skidmark Steve (skidmarksteve) wrote in qotd,
Skidmark Steve

Whose got gas?

How much is gas where you are?

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Heh, here in germany gas is four times as expensive as yours is.
Grrr, that has to be annoying! Are you in an area that has a good public transportation system, or are you kinda stuck?
Germany is pretty small (like one of your average states or so) and has 80 million inhabitants. Public transportation is pretty good (but i think not as cheap as it should be), i'd say, but actually many people have a car (imho). I don't need one, I live in the city. If I want to visit my mother (250km away), I go to and ask other people who take the same route if I can join them and pay them 10 euro for the ride.

also, the earth will probably run out of gas soon anyway. and i think cars are really bad for the environment, so... *shrugs*